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<p>The company’s provincial-level enterprise R&amp;D center has a total construction area of 1,450m2, including: scientific research office area: 850m², testing and laboratory area: 600m²,It has complete research and development experimental equipment and testing and analysis instruments. The center is equipped with a total of 39 full-time R&amp;D personnel, including 12 with a bachelor degree and 23 with a college degree. In addition, the company hired the Ukrainian National Academy of Engineering 2 academicians, 2 doctors from the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and 1 researcher from Shanghai Jiaotong University as the center&#39;s consultant experts, providing guidance and consultation for the company&#39;s various research work. The center is based on independent innovation and serves the survival of the company, Development is the main purpose, truth-seeking and pragmatic, pioneering and innovative, in order to enhance the company&#39;s market competitiveness, promote the company&#39;s rapid development as the goal, adhering to the high-quality, high-performance, user-centered product development strategy,At present, it has obtained 26 independent intellectual property rights, including 9 invention patents and 17 utility model patents. In addition, 12 scientific and technological achievements have been registered.</p><p><br/></p>