County leaders came to our company for investigation

Date : 2021-07-09

On the morning of August 23, 2016, Shen Mingquan, secretary of the county party committee, and his entourage visited our company. Chairman Wu Zhenqing gave a detailed introduction on the construction work and future development direction of the company's technology center. After listening carefully to the relevant introduction, Secretary Shen gave a high evaluation and full affirmation to the various work of our company's technology center, and gave a high evaluation to the company's future development, with technological innovation as the direction of enterprise development. At the same time, he put forward his own valuable opinions on the direction of our company's later related work development and product construction research and development. Chairman Wu Zhenqing said that the company will do a good job of excellent enterprise cases, provide services to more customers, and contribute to the economic construction of our county.