Visit by Academician Cao Chunxiao on May 6, 2017

Date : 2021-07-09

On May 6, 2017, Comrade Cao Chunxiao, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, came to our company for investigation. As one of the founders of China's titanium alloy research and application, Cao Chunxiao continued to create new types of titanium alloy materials used in the aviation industry in order to reduce the weight of aircraft. , Create conditions such as increasing speed and saving fuel.

Academician Cao talked cordially with the company's technical staff, inquired in detail about the company's titanium and titanium alloy sheet research and development projects, and guided the problems encountered in the current product development process, and put forward suggestions and suggestions for improvement. After the meeting, accompanied by the company's leaders, Academician Cao visited the company's technology research and development center and production site.

Academician Cao affirmed the company's current research and development results and highly praised the superiority of the company's research and development products in terms of performance indicators. At the same time, the company's management has fully recognized the strategic layout of product research and development as the primary goal of the company's development.

Finally, Academician Cao took photos with the company’s technical staff one by one, and encouraged the young people to do a solid job of research and make more contributions to the development of the company and the progress of the motherland’s aviation industry.